Thursday, January 05, 2006

the 14 hour trip that took 31

these are the holiday lights outside the Kaihin Makuhari school (in the future abrv. KM or kaihin). aren't they festive?

ah time zones. ah jet lag. luckily I have a super weak circadian rythym and felt completely over the jet lag the next day. I slept most of the flight. I nearly slept though my gate call in LA to my connecting flight, but everything was ok. Not so surprisingly, the planes weren't full and I had lots of room to spread out and knit and relax and sleep and sleep.

other than the time change, adjustment is going well, I realized that one reason I love living in Japan is the tremendous sense of accomplishment for doing day to day things.

I set up my cell phone by myself. by speaking Japanese. I'm still proud of myself.

I left my bike at the airport overnight at a holding/storage place and decided to mail it to myself when I went back the next day. in Japanese.

I suppose I'm a sucker for inflating my own ego, but I'm having fun with it. I'm sure I'll get knocked down to size again real real soon.

well, today was a good knock down when I gave up and realized that I was giong to need the help of a native speaker to get my hot water turned on. that's right, it cold here and although my heater is in the olympic running, I don't even have slightly warm water. nada. but, I think the gas guy is coming tomorrow morning and will crank that goodness way up.

cross your fingers for me.

in other news, the first day of teaching went well. I really missed it. my students are awesome. my co-workers are awesome. and EFL students say the darndest things. one commented that the top ten New Year's resolutions only aplicable to the affluent. I think he was showing off his vocab but I cracked up laughing. I'm super lucky.

even if I'm coooold!

at least the heater works really well. and I have plenty of blankets.

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Murray said...

Yay for accomplishments with a second language! I was so proud of myself in Switzerland when I was able to do everyday things like order food, buy a train ticket, and flirt with a waitress, all in German. Keep up the good work. =)