Monday, November 07, 2005

sorry for the trouble...

in the fight against all forms of evil spam and in order to overcome the disappointment of seeing "1 comment" and seeing only some stupid bot post about some stupid advertisement, I've turned on the word verification. I don't think it'll be a pain. if it is, email me and I'll turn it off.

love you all. enjoy the fall pics below.


inkandpen said...

I am in favor of bot reduction. Good call.

Tamara said...

Hiyas Kori!
I hope all is going well :) (I don't know yet, I need to catch up on what you've been writing, but I do hope all is going well) Guess what! I will be heading your way by summertime for a school trip to Kyoto. It ends around mid July, so after that I should be able to come up and find you, if you're up for that. I'll write you about this too, once I find your address again. :P Big smiles over there, we all love you,

dajii said...

Dear Kori,

I loved the pics, the multitude of colors, the little hoards of dark haired people scurring about on thousand year old steps where samuri once tread. It is so fine you get out to see your surrounds. Adventure stirs in your blood.

Around here the days are icy clear with an inch of ice in the outside buckets in the morning. The mountian glows red in the dawn, the brown hills cry for a layer of snow. My boats take form and the apprentice leaps from one project to the next. The stove in the shop glows red with tamarack coals, making the sharp chill tolerable.
I think of you often in your far land, all strange around. I miss you,
Love Dajii