Thursday, November 03, 2005

kori style adventures

(the bell of the flower was bigger than my extended hand. the smell was amazing. I found them by accident last weekend)

1) put on my tennis shoes and grab my bag
2) start walking
3) keep walking and/or hopping trains and/or busses until I find something new and beautiful

and that's how I spend my free time. maybe a little too hard to explain when the students asks in broken Engrish, "what are your hobbies"

maigo= lost child. they have a word for lost child. so if I remember nothing else I can smile shyly and say that I'm a lost child and ask where the nearest station is. my japanese has gotten a bit better than that but I think it could have the perfect affect in the right situation.

so today (Nov 3rd) is a Japanese National Holiday and no one works. they go outside and appriciate the changing of the seasons. it was a beautiful day. I have some weather forcast buttons on the right, if you're curious about the actual temps... maybe 60s (F, for my silly Americans).

I slept in till 10ish, got some breakfast, read for over an hour and set out. I hopped a bus the took my 40 min east. then I started walking east (to find the seapark on my map) on the way I found this lovely rose garden. roses in Nov!

I had dinner with my friend Andy from England this weekend. He's been in Tokyo for three years and says he loves it because you can find an English bar that's showing the hottest soccer (or football, if that's your language persuasion) game that'll serve you drinks until 9 am, if that's your thing. he says, don't worry about tokyo stealing your soul (my main concern at the moment) you just have to find your thing here.

and I'm realizing that part of 'my thing' is to wander until I stumble apon small beauties. here some more shots of the park I acccidently found. the seaside will have to wait until another post because I tuckered myself out.


inkandpen said...

That's a lovely hobby. And a beautiful place you've found.

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mum said...

i love the thme of "i am lost, now i am found" and you do you amazing grace. what discoveries you are making that you wouldn't otherwise.
here torrents of rain and cold, beating branches against the windows, not too conducive for wanderings today.
you could be a tokyo tour guide for english speakers like the bicycle woman in paris!
love, mum