Monday, October 31, 2005

spreading my wings--a story of an almost routine saturday

that almost is for you, babe. you know who you are.

so, I'm getting my act together. I'm more and more prepared for my classes and prep time is getting fast and faster. technically I'm allowed less than 10 minute of prep/clean up/set up time for each class. but in actuality it's still more like 30 min/ class. but getting faster. I've moved classes to different textbooks to make the planning easier too. but all in all, I'm still working way too much. but the bossman knows this and says he'll help.

but what this all works out to is that I didn't get up until almost 9:30am on Saturday and didn't make it in until 11:20ish. Kevin uses my room from 11-11:50 on Saturday morning for his kids' class and so I go into his room, I have some more breakfast, put on my make up, change into my professional clothes and shoes. take a deep breath. take a deep breath again.

11:50 he's out and I'm in. I set up my next classes in as much order as possible.

12-1245 "talking about abilities"
1245-130 "giving compliments"
135-225 kids class, Halloween lesson "Are you a princess? No, I'm a fairy"
230-330 Private lesson, we talk about how kids learn language and (as usual) don't touch the material I prepared, I don't mind much, though.
400-445 "guessing words from context" both students are absent. bossman-M shows up and we get icecream. I also grab some lunch. I'm freakin starving.
450-600 I finish preparing for the evening classes
600-650 Private lesson on all sorts of ways to say, "I don't understand"
700-900 Group lesson on Halloween, trick or treaters, costume parties, extreme gardenting
900-920 approach one of my group lesson students to renew his contract. he signs on the dotted line.
920-930 finish my paperwork and change into sneakers
930-midnight have dinner and drinks with students and teachers, about 20 of us. a student asks what we mean when we put words in quote with our hands. we have a dinner impromptu lesson. my explanation is that we mean something completely different or even the opposite. ie my apartment is really "nice" This is bossman-M is my friend and "bossman" They're amused. I feel like a teacher. I have another beer for good measure.
midnight-2ish, singing and more drinking with Kevin, Yoshi, two students we refer to as "the ganga boys" and a new teacher at a neighboring school, Sara

(so karaoke has many English songs. as they know we have money and like to sing too. also, many american/english songs are popular with Japanese people. so to help them out there is a katakana "translation" of the pronunciation above the English words. and then the "MTV" bits that accompany the songs are enough to reduce me to giggling tears some nights. god knows what this pic has to do with U2 or the other 2 dozen songs it can be found in. )

(Sara took a long time to pick her first song, as most of us do. I explained, and then demonstrated with Kevin, this game is not about talent. it's all about off key passion. and it really is.)

2ish Sara, Kevin and I get a cab back to his place, because its closest, watch the first episode of LOST and fall asleep.
940am, alarm goes off and I help Sara get to the train station so that she can do her new teacher things and I catch a series of trains home.
welcome sunday morning, and that's my saturday.

but back to the "almost" part.

I've been here two months, I tell Sara. 8 days she says nodding her head vigorously. and I felt compelled to step up and take her under my (still fledging, in many ways) wing. make sure feels comfortable to sing. make sure she can get back to the train station. ect. if felt funny, but natural. it's my turn to step up and help take care of the new one. Come April it will definitely be my turn because a lot of teachers, both the NETs at KM, and the NET in my building here are being replaced. but it felt good to take someone just a little under my wing.


Anonymous said...

Happy, hAppy, haPPPy Birthday Kori San. How old are you? 21, 35, 25? You are so young in spirit, so young with the love of life. The numbers mean nothing. Trust me on this.
Really cool you're helping the "fledgling". It is the service to people masses that is our responsibility, both for them, because we can, and for us, to make us whole. They say you don't know somthing till you can teach it. Does this mean you won't be missing thre train anymore?
You're wonderful. miss you all to hell. Happy birthday, Much much love, dajii

mum said...

wow what a day you have. i definitely couldn't keep up. i know you like things a'happening. well, there you go!!
this morning is halloween with some cars already covered with smashed pumpkins. the options for costumes in the stores has magnified over the years as has the candy types. it will probably be wet tonight for the tricksters, maybe wind fun too. you are 25. scheesh! my golden tamarack girl. love mum

Anonymous said...

Hey Kori,

Happy Birthday, Kori!! How are you doing? How are you liking Japan and your job? well, I'm sorry, obviously, I wasn't able to check your blog often enough then... hahaha. Typical Sachiko with her time. It's not much going on in the Darimont lab these days, usual craziness n' stuff. Only thing will happen in the group meeting today is, Lin will be wearing blond curly hair wig to present her data. We are "finishing" papers as usual. Leslie moved out to the computer room to write her thesis. Bea just gave her tenure talk for the chem dep. This tenure thing added extra excitements (stress) to us after you left. I hope you are at least doing better than working for an insane person... Japanese are crazy, I won't deny that though. Still, I hope you are living in the reasonable sanity. Well, Kori, happy birthday again!!


inkandpen said...

Happy happy lady. We held a party this year, on Friday-- the highlight was the liquid nitrogen ice cream (and other frozen things) courtesy of stolen chem dept goods. A change, certainly, but nice. Would have been fun to have you there... I dressed as my high-school goth self, with long black dress, cape, etc. Can't put the hair back, though. Anyway, too too tired, and sorry I missed you yesterday, but wanted to mark the birthday anyway.

Anonymous said...

much appreciated babis;

even were i there, i couldn't be taking any 2 hour walks though - doc says i broke my calcaneus, so i'll be out of commission for a while. i will send you books, however, when i'm back on my feet (foot); for now sending you happy birthday wishes and hoping your plans all work out is all i can muster

winking at you from afar..