Wednesday, October 19, 2005

the earth was shakin'

apparently October is earthquake season. there was 5.0 quake on Sunday with the epicenter practically right under my neighborhood. there was a 6.5 quake tonight north of tokyo.

Kevin tells me that you know you've adjusted when you don't even stop class for an earth quake. you just steady yourself as you write on the board.

the Japanese are remarkably nonplussed about earthquakes. so it's a measure of how native you've gone by how little you care that the whole world is shaking and about to fall down on top of you. by this respect I'm slipping into my Japanese skin well. as long as nothing is breaking I have faith in Japanese archintechure to keep the buildings from falling down on me.

I add a new website if you want for info or updates:


Anonymous said...

now you can live comfortably on the san andreas fault. do the kids just stay seated and wait for ms beyer to go on with the lesson? what do they call my daughter?
how much time goes into lesson planning for you now? it sounds like each class is so different and you're able to ad lib. do you have management coming in and assessing you?
when i tell strangers you are teaching english in japan, they often know someone who just left or just came back from somewhere teaching english. the last one was 3 years in china. you're developing a great skill you can use your entire life.
is there anything like halloween in japan?
missing you. love, mum

inkandpen said...

Sounds like life in California... :) Not much to say, but wanted to pop in and let you know I'm still reading, just quiet. I'll email when I have brain-space for it. LOVE!