Thursday, September 01, 2005

passed out

For the first time I slept on the train to work. It's a common occurance for Japanese people. You'll see seven in a row, zonked out, maybe zonked kids in their arms, swaying unconscienly with the motion of the train. If the train is crowded then there will also be a number of them asleep, standing, waking up just before they fall down from the lurking.

I try not to sleep because I’m afraid I’ll miss my stop. So I crank up my iShuffle and listen to Ani and people watch (I find it a hilarious soundtrack but its good for getting me pumped up ------Paul, thank you for all the new stuff. It’s making my morning, day after day.)

If I can figure out how to make my camera take silent picutures I want to take picts of peoples foot wear. Buisness man, leather loafers, next to gen X ish with sandles that have sparkly shells glued to them, next to early twenty guy with metalica shirt and converse, next to a school girl with the pleated skirt, high white socks and penny loafers ect ect. I find it amusing to an extreme but it’s hard to relate without a good pic.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

there was someone you knew who did footwear, right? what a good idea.
people sleeping on the train with children in their arms, swaying. what an image!
love, mum