Wednesday, August 31, 2005

one of those...

one of those stupid foriegners who says 'hi' to every white person they see.

it's funny to me that despite choosing to live abroad we all gravitate to each other. part of it is the language, of course, but also the cultural humor is very different. it's about everything being a little too small.

but all that said, it's much easier to live in Tokyo (proper and greater) than in Beppu. There's more English on the signs. More English news. More likely that the shop clerk can help you in English ect. More foriegn food. But more than that, you don't get stared at as much. Kids aren't fascinated by you and your blue eyes and blond hair. So really, I think I stare more at the other foriegners than the Japanese people do.

so, despite trying not to, I seem to instantly judge people. not as good or bad, per se, but as worthy of a follow-up call or not. so there is another E. teacher in my apartment complex. met him at the super market, walked home and chatted but... not particulary excited to follow up.

Met an assie at the supermarket (open 24 hours and right by the train station... its the happenign place to be at 11 pm) and more intrigued. why? don't know. maybe reminded me me of friends back 'home'

I don't really talk to strange Japanese people, ever. I feel bad that my Japanese is so horrible and I don't want to trouble them to speak English... and in Am. I don't really speak to strangers that much (canvassing non-withstanding) and yet, I am one of those foreigners who will pick another whitie out of a crowd and say 'hi.'

top questions on first meeting another whitie are:
name (usually just first)
are you teaching -- if yes, with whom and/or where
where are you living (answered with the name of the closest train station)
how long have you been here
do you speak any Japanese (usually no, even if they've been here for years)
where are you from

and the million, 5.4 katrillion dollar question
why'd ya come here???

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Anonymous said...

wolves are attracted to wolves, right? tho they also have an attraction to bunnies and mice. we're pack animals of some sort . but that humor is basic. people understand your jokes, you theirs. and that's a connection that cn't be beat. why can't the teacher in your building be the coolest, kindest, funniest guy around?
leni says the aussies are the best looking. remember how we joked about male jawlines when you were growing up?
must be nice not to be a ROADSIDE ATTRACTION.
love. mum