Sunday, March 13, 2011

Some data

One of my best friends in the states plotted this data. It's good news.

Feel free to share/comment.

An analysis of the last week’s worth of data from the Japanese earthquakes with magnitude greater than 5, as published by the USGS:

The aftershocks are, on average, getting weaker:

They are also getting less frequent (currently down to about 3/day from about 1/hour right after the big one):

The epicenters are staying close to the big one (no trend towards Tokyo or anything):

The epicenters are pretty much staying at the same depth (no trend up):

So the aftershocks are not moving towards Tokyo, not rising, and not sustaining their intensity or frequency. I think, based on this data, that at least we can rule out Godzilla rising from the laundry list of crap Japan will have to deal with in the aftermath.

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