Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 holidays

It has been a lovely holiday season so far. Despite working 24th-28th, I had the fantastic day off on the 23rd, the emperor's birthday, and led a bike ride out in the nearby mountains. In santa regalia, no less. My friend took some great pictures here. This is my favorite with Fuji in the background.

It has been a great year cycling, getting to know the roads, finding my place in the community, feeling strength build in my body. I'm hoping for a faster and awesome 2011. I will be filling my upcoming holiday with a bike tour. As usual.

I tried to take video with my iPhone during my summer tour and put it together... but the project kind of failed. Here are the mediocre results. Don't let it give you a headache (sorry...)

I still have two more days of work before my winter break of about a week, which, predictably, will be a cycling tour. I tried to find some buddies but other people have families and/or prefer to celebrate the New Year more traditionally, inside with booze. I plan to bike through the night into the sunrise.

This time I will not be camping. (brr!) and have hotel/hostel/couchsurfing/bed and breakfast reservations for every night. I'm also planning to go in a media blackout BUT posting just location and (if I can do it easily) one picture at night, so that people know that I'm still alive. (that's what the 'test' was about)

I'll write more later but must get to organizing!

the adventures sure do continue...

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inkandpen said...

Jealous of your New Years bike tour. Looking forward to your minimalist evening updates. <3