Thursday, August 13, 2009


I´m leaving the park on Aug 25th and heading to Buenos Aires before flying back to the states and then yeah.... good things will happen, but...

I´m already anticipating the horrible culture shock.

things that have become normal and I will miss
-having a tribe. a group that you eat every mediocre meal with, share chores with, drink to oblivion with, share dorms with. a group that has your back and visa versa. even if they do let you sleep with the pigs... but that´s another story.
-quiet. so much of the day spent listening to insects and birds and trying not to make a sound
-waking up with the dawn as it comes through the window just before wake up call.
-chaos everywhere. A spider monkey in the kitchen. the semi wild pigs in the dorms in the middle of the night. 5 new people who are wandering around lost. half a dozen languages and mistranlations. todlers running around covered in god knows what.
-making due. somehow, despite the food and hygene(sp?) and unstocked clinic, we make due.
-facing fear. working with Maggi is amazing, but at the same time everyday there is a moment where the bottom drops out of my stomach and I hold it there and don´t flinch despite some other part of my desperately wanting to run. there is something in that type of moment that I´ll miss. and also won´t.
- dirt. we are filthy. the chaos of all the animals contributes, naturally. and somehow, everyone here is still one of the most attractive groups of people I´ve every had the privilage. the grooming is irrelavant.
-nothing (er, very little) is wasted. the garbage system at first was daunting but it´s a complicated system so that all food left overs get eaten by someone or something. pigs. pios. parrots. the dog... it all filters down and what´s left goes to the compost.
- the body is tougher than I thought. people here get beat up and keep laughing. it´s fantastic.
- the stars and fireflies and having the time to just stare at them.
- time. ¨what time is it, Corinna?¨ asks my friend Rauiri. ´¨I don´t know. ¨ I answer. things happen when they do. some days are signinicantly longer or shorter than others. it goes. and it´s ok.

the rest of the world seems very far away and I can only imagine with dread the overwhelming panic a US supermarket or god forbid Walmart like store will rain down on me. or the traffic. or the streams of people who don´t give a damn. or just the waste of food. or the televisions and radios.

I can look a pissed off puma in the eyes and indulgently say. ¨no chica¨ but a grocery store with elevator music will probably bring me to tears. my life is weird.

the adventures continue.

much love to all of you. xx.


inkandpen said...

I will have so many hugs for you when you return...

michaelpanda said...

What are you gonna do after you're back in the states? (or after that) How do you top an angry puma in terms of adventure?

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