Tuesday, June 23, 2009

did no one have my back? seriously, guys.

people took the opportunity to validate my existence

apparently, this is how to spell such a thing. not "opprotunity" and "existance"
though, blogger now won't let me use so many characters OR upload pictures. so... yeah.

Some days, I feel like Charlie from Flowers for Algernon before his brainy operation. I mean, I know I have about a zillion spelling and grammar mistakes on here... but they are unique creations, like half melted snow flakes. This repeated mistaking is just... embarrassing.

Why did no one tell me? It's like having a bugger smeared all over your face and you can't tell why people are smiling at you so you just give them what you think is your best heart-breaker's smile, sorta thing. and they turn their heads and run. and you smack your friends for not smacking you and telling you.


it's been a weird day. the adventures continue.