Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pictures of Buenos Aires

Generally speaking, I've been a bad tourist in Buenos Aires. For my six weeks there I spent less than 6 days doing touristy things. I spent my first week going from the hostel to tango places and back. When I wasn't dancing, I was apartment hunting and following new friends to unknown resturants. The next 4 weeks were spent hardly leaving the neighborhoods of Palermo and Belgrano where I was living and doing the teaching course, respectively.

As a result, and also because petty crime is very common, I don't have all that many pictures of Buenos Aires. But I did get out a few times after the course ended and before I skipped town with my friend for wine country (pictures of that... possibly coming soon).

The Recolleta Cemetary in Buenos Aires:

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Palermo, the neighborhood I lived for a month. Posh and green but also debilitated and graffiti'd.
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The pictures are much better bigger so have a click and check 'em out if you like. What's your favorite of the cemetery? Mine is 12. I think.

The adventures continue...
(now posting from Santa Cruz, Bolivia)


Anonymous said...

yes, i like 12 and really like 10--the green with the old cement. am loving your pictures. now bolivia. what an adventure you are having. went garage sale-ing saturday and met a lovely couple from uraguay. do you have a set itinerary or whereever the wind blows?

i am going to seattle in a week--am leaving the sunny southwest for the snowy nw. crazy!

love, alison

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