Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A year of photos 2009 Jan-May

for once, maybe I won't talk too much

Edogawa River at sunset (Chiba, Japan)
Funabashi gamblers make their way home (Chiba, Japan)

smoke/ art break near Shinonome, Tokyo

a quiet shrine in rural Chiba, Japan

children avoid snowflakes with pink umbrellas, Funabashi, Chiba, Japan

Joe and a 31.05 meter tall Buddha stare each other down in rural Chiba, Japan
"When when god knocks you down another lifts you up," a student once told me. Rural Chiba, Japan
Strange days and places, Seoul, South Korea
ha ha ha, that petty man is no longer my boss! Seoul, South Korea


Nikko, Japan
Nikko Japan
A local shrine in Funabashi, Chiba, Japan
Part of my commute to work by bike, Toyoso, Tokyo, Japan


public art and smog in Shanghai, China

Bell Tower at dusk, Xi'an China

sometimes posing with your water buffalo is more profitable than plowing fields. Yanshuo, China
I could spend weeks looking this view. Dazai, China

a bamboo boat ride down the Li River. Ping An, China
Sunrise at the top of one of China's sacred mountains. HuaShan, China

more to come...


Seph said...

Pretty pictures!

SonicLlama said...

I think the Buddha won that staring contest...

The pictures of the Funabashi pachinko parlor and shrine remain quite awesome. In their own different ways, each one says "Japan!" to me.

More pictures please!

Barry said...

What a stunning and eclectic group of photos!

Okie said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Robert Robillard said...

Nicely done.