Friday, July 25, 2008

I've become a jock.

Who knew? I haven't been a wannabe jock in a long time and yet, recently, I've kinda become one. But don't worry, that geeky scientist, BattleStarGalactica loving, SCAthian is still in there somewhere.

So, I've been riding about a hundred miles a week for the last month or so and then did 8 days in a row of 30+ miles a day (plus work) and then took two days off (for drinking obligations) and decided to do a ride with these people.

Map of the ride

Meet the "Tokyo Cycling Club." Words like 'hard core' are fitting for this group. None-the-less, they were very nice to me.

Of the 16 or so riders for the day, there was one other woman. She was extra nice. She, however, was very much not slow. In the Fuji International Hill Climb Race she was third of all women. (11.4km long and about 1200m difference of altitude (average gradient over 10% and maximum of 22%) Sheesh.
I was faster than the guy on the right.
The ride ended at a brewery. Sweet. Friends were made.
I was SOOO happy and feeling like a rockstar at the end of it. Now I'm all cocky.... jock-tastic.

the adventures continue...

(also, I didn't take any of these pictures. thanks to shinnobu and sora)


Kiki said...

GODDESS KORI, you are one gorgeous jockette! I am so rapturous of your muscles and downrightgoddamn bravery!! More power to you. It looks like you are fully prepared for your upcoming adventures.
We miss you so much and LOVE those photos.

Kori the tomorrow lady said...

the picture with my super-cool "waist pack" is unfortunately pretty unflattering I think. In reality, I've lost quite a bit of weight since Christmas.

Some of the guys there had freaky muscles on their legs!

inkandpen said...

Umm... did you have padding on under those pants? Cause... ow. Get some padded shorts, girl!

Very impressive, however.