Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Dream Island

Back here in Tokyo, Joe and I went to a tropical flower arboretum on a rainy Sunday. It was well well worth the 2 dollar admission and a good chance to test out my low Fstops on my camera.

My fav:

Other ones I quite liked: (and no, I have no idea what the names of the flowers are. I go straight with the 3 year old mentality of, "ooo! that one is colorful!")

And mainly because I like being weird, I like this one. I took it intending to turn it into black and white.

What's your favorite?


inkandpen said...

The last one. It is so crisp that my brain thinks it should be able to make sense out of it, but then it is hard to make sense of anyway. Is it a strange alien film? A creepy spiderweb? No! Some sort of leaf! Maybe?

SonicLlama said...

I agree about the last one- the b&w really works in your favor to make it look all moody and alien.

Though I also like the spiky pink plant. It has the illusion of motion, which is a nice effect. The first one is also cool in that the flower is cropped in such a way that the viewer is forced to look at the branching stamen, a detail that would be glossed over in a conventional flower picture.

michaelpanda said...

i agree with the others above, the last one is the best!

the others are really nice too though, especially the orange one. mmm... colourful.

which arboretum did you go to?

Anonymous said...


the orange flower is the mexican bird of paradise--perhaps another name in Japan. i have them all over my garden. they bloom for months. since orange is my favorite color (this week) i really like that picture but love the last black and white one.

the other pictures i have on my computer right now are pergolas and plans to build them. it's hot in arizona and muggy outside but i just had air conditioning installed so i'm not as bitchy as i have been this time of year in past years. diagram that!

i am also waiting for my shipment of peet's french roast coffee. i've tried to live without since peet's left arizona but i just don't want to. so i'm a mailorder gal again.


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