Thursday, June 05, 2008

Best of Shanghai 1

The noise! the color! the smell.... definitely not in Japan anymore.
Who's face would you like on a T-shirt? Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the Osama Bin Laden T-shirts... Or would a panda suit you better?
Old Shanghai, preserved for tourists, was beautiful.
Ahhh. I love pictures like this but I know they might be boring to others. I think I need to learn the best way to crop them. So first check out the awesome guy and his awesome bike. Notice the reflection in the window of modern cars and people. Then check out the women in the window above. How would you crop/present this?


Kiki said...

Kori, Your photographs are breathtaking! I can see and smell
thru your pictures. Thanks so much
for sharing them.

As for cropping that particular one, I like the street's yellow line because it emphasizes the horizontal lines above. I like it as is. I especially like your commentary to point out what I missed.

michaelpanda said...

nice pictures :)

as for the last picture, if it were me, I'd probably crop out a lot of the extra building, sky and foreground in order to focus in on the guy, the awesome bike ;) and the window (probably placing the guy/bike towards the lower left of the cropped picture. While I (being a person who also likes to shoot wide angle shots of buildings and such) understand why you like this shot as is, I think that part of the problem is that it's "too big and same looking" and so the part you really want to emphasize (the guy/bike) gets "lost" in the mass of it all. also, the picture is pretty much centered and completely balanced, which if you subscribe to the rule of thirds (see:, makes for a picture with less "visual impact" than one which perhaps cut out the extra guy on the right, and shifted the frame so that guy on the left with the bike are shifted off center.

from a technical standpoint, i noticed you have some barrel distortion (probably because you were shooting wide open at 18mm with the kit lens - definitely going to get some distortion at that width) which is causing all the horizontal lines in the picture to "bend" (particularly noticeable on the roof and in the yellow median divider of the street). You can fix this in photoshop quite easily however (if you have CS2 or CS3 (filter->distort->lens distortion... prior to CS2 you need to do some spherize/mirror ball trickery to fix barrel distortion i think...)

The other thing i noticed is that the sky is blown out (this probably goes back to your previous post about over-exposing shots by accident... i posted a comment on that one talking about how to set the exposure correctly) so it might be better - in my opinion - to cut it out of the final picture to avoid distracting from what you want to focus on.

But that is just my two yen in terms of cropping, so take it for what it's worth (... uhh, 2 yen, i suppose! hahah)

looks like you had a great fun trip to china! nice pictures! are you back in japan now?

michaelpanda said...

p.s. oh and i see you're a fellow mac user by the way! :)

Your Pal Pinki said...

Not boring, breathtaking. I sat up while browsing and took notice. Wow! Thank you for posting them.