Friday, May 23, 2008

Reversed Vending Machine

In Shanghai, and all over China, beggars were desperate for plastic bottles and other things recyclable. Since many recyclables have a claim on them, people can make a little extra money when they return them. When I asked around, I think someone told me it was about 10 plastic bottles (250mL) to a kuai (or RMB) and there are about 7 kuai to the dollar... so 70 plastic bottles to the dollar. But then again, a dollar can buy you a meal in Shanghai.

This reverse vending machine appeared to accept bottles or cans and spit out money. Since this was day 1 in Shanghai, I was too overwhelmed by everything and intimidated by groups of locals to get a closer look. But at least I got a "skewed snapshot". ha. ha.

and the adventures continue.

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Anonymous said...

okay, since when did gumby turn blue? i'm loving this travelogue, Kori. the pictures and accompanying stories are educational and keep me reading.

have you been affected at all by the earthquake and its aftershocks?

love, alison