Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The new digs

So, now that I'm moved and mostly settled in, I suppose it's high time I posted pictures of my 3rd Japanese apartment. ..though, if you count the places I stayed while I was subbing , I guess that would make this my 7th Japanese apartment-- not counting the one nighters and the hotels.

Anyways, it's a pretty typical Japanese shoebox apartment, but it's mine and I'm happy with it. So, first things first on the tour THE KITCHEN

That's right. Two burners!! I have serious moved up in the world. Which is good because recently I ahve been known to attempt "cooking" 3 or 4 nights a week.

One draw back is that the only counterspace is made by covering the sink with a cutting board... but it's a doable issue to work with.

and yes that is a water glass full of wine. unfortunately you can't hear the salsa music in the background. so, I have no wine glasses. I have no knife bigger than the little parring knife to cut up my carrots and things. nor do I want such things. I want to accumulate as few dishes and kitchenware things as possible. How ever, I do have a kickass microwave and rice cooker (albeit precariously balanced on the laundry machine...)

These things would totally iron my underwear if I could figure out the right button. The microwave will toast and bake and do the hokey pokey too!

Alrighty! on to the MAIN ROOM!

The "office/living room"
and pan right to the... wreck room?
yep, this is the DINING ROOM. yep, it's classy.
and the rest of the "down stairs"
Where's the master bedroom, you ask? It's up the ladder.
and yes, it is vaguely coffin like. but also quite cozy. I can't sit upright in the locus position (i.e. cross legged) with out hitting my head, but it's fine for sleeping.

So, all in all, it's much better than my last place, but still small. By American standards it's very small. But it's home. I have colorful scarves, maps, and a quilt on the walls. It warms up quickly and, with the exceptions of the train tracks 5o ft away, it's fairly quiet.

Pictures of the neighborhood and my school to come later!

the adventures continue.


Joseph said...

Posh digs! And so spacious!

kiki said...

Hello Kori,I LOVE it!! Thanks for the tour. You've got to write the next book on how to thrive in small spaces. You do it better than anyone I know. Your place is totally inviting & comfortable. We'll be over for dinner tonight.