Friday, July 14, 2006

title track II

I was happy that I didn't procrastinate and actually blogged something maybe I'll change to less text more pictures. less context. who needs context and kori's philosophical rants. wow, that's just too exhausting for all parties. I mean when I read stranger's blogs (I'm such a freaky stalker) I just look at the pictures. I don't care if they are written in porteguese (one cool one I found really was) so here are some more skewed snapshots.

Mick (from Beppu!) and I spend the day in Yokohama. It rains but we see the harbor, china town and the ramen museum. that was the tastiest museum I've ever been to. the picuture by the ship will probably figure prominently into a big lie I'm planning to tell my students about why I'm leaving. (Sorry mick...)

Sumo is not the national sport.
the Japanese are nutty over baseball. whoa. really. the local team is the Chiba Lotte Marines. the team is... the Marines are...

ooooo, we hate grammar here. it just sounds so greating... oh, but that phrase is everywhere....

her shirt says "Marines is my life" if you have trouble seeing it.

it might as well be a cult.

8 more classes today and then I'm almost in Hokkaido. yea! for me!!!

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inkandpen said...

Does the Hokkaido trip mark the end of this teaching job?