Sunday, June 11, 2006

wwwwwwooooooooo hoooooooooo!!!!!!


I just landed the job I had been salvating and holding my breath for!

It's only mornings and is basically designing creative lessons and playing with kids. no more A SAYS A A A A APPLE!!! no more working late into the night every night. no more hour commute (though I do have to move). no more stockings and heels. no more required makeup. no more suits.

it's finger paint and edible paste starting in August.

plus the school is called "the fun house" and as my friend Robert says

"and then you'd be working in the fun house! can it get much better than that?"


Anonymous said...

the fun house! congratulations kori! when you move?

p.s. bar review = sucks

jim said...

Yiiipppppeeeee. Fantastic. It's off to the FUN HOUSE. lv, jim

Tamara said...

Congrats Kori!! Have much fun at your new job!

:) Tamara

Kiki said...

I am sooooo Happy for you, Kori!!! HOORAY!! You did it. And I'm happy for all those kids who get to have you for their teacher. Any idea where your new digs will be?
To Paul,
bar review = sucks = It's going to feel so good when it's over. Good Luck

David said...

Sounds like I checked in just in time to say congrats! Very cool, indeed. Reading your older posts is much easier since I already know the happy ending ;)

Dajii said...

Hey Hey superkid,

Yahoooo! (the old fashioned kind). That really great kiddo. Hopes you have enough means to do all the things you need, new digs and all. This will be a good shake up and flush out of the past. Highly required for the specie of brain you aquired (beyer brain).
Very happy for you. Very happy that you will be less overworked and happier too.
yer brother makes changes too. Just been to the gradg thing, i way proud, double major, king of hippy housing. Am so proud of both of you. He comes to Idaho for a few days and I give him a capitilist complicit truck. He'll need it. If you come by I'll give you a boat or something. So you are both on the road of life, driving in full control, going places. I am so happy for you Kori. I love you so much. Miss the million wonderful things about you. Will try to write a regular letter soon. Love you, love you, love you,