Monday, April 10, 2006

sakura (jizo temple)2

I wandered to Ueno park last weekend and then tried to head to see Tokyo University and find the library but ended up somewhere completely different. as usual. this is one of the cool, unexpected, places I found on in my wanderings

It's beautiful here but I miss you all sooo much
please say 'hi' and leave a comment if you're still reading. it'll totally make my day (so a special thanks to Kitty and Katie who have recently made my day.) come on, you know you wanna....

I'll even blow some of these petals your way!


Joseph said...

Hi! I actually visit your blog just about daily and it's always cool to get a little snapshot into goings-on in Japan (and usually vastly more interesting than actual work). Keep up the posting!


inkandpen said...

I was just down in Princeton, NJ, and (unlike in Ithaca) the trees are all blooming-- so PRETTY!

What are these statues of, lovely lady?

Dajii said...

hi Kiddo,

Beautiful that you are amongst a billion flowering trees. A few here, but sparse and weird, like parsimmion trees, crab apple, and life saver trees. I miss the coastal shower of cherry blossems. have a mountian man with a wolf working for me. The wolf actually does little work except watch me with it's crazed orange eyes and one of those cartoon bubbles over it's head that says "prey".

Missing you a million miles perfect daughter. new theorys on nurogenisis need to discuss with you. You are invited to New Yourk with me this coming december. Have couches for us lined up.

Love you sooooo much.


Cory P said...

Hi! I stop by every once in a while. :)