Wednesday, April 05, 2006

not dead. Elvis just mutated.

I've heard you can find anything you could possibly want in Tokyo. you know, if money and imagination are no object, you should be able to find anything your heart imagine it wants.

I found Elvis. or some version thereof. well, multiple versions thereof.

Elvis was spotted by myself, the Swedish couple I was hosting, and hundreds (thousands?) of other passerbys through Harajuku on Sunday. In fact they play really loud music, attract a smattering of street food venders and are neighbors to the freakish Gothic Lolita girls.

All these impersonators and dress up afficionatos congregate here every Sunday. rain or shine. gawkers and onlookers or no. they line the sidewalks and pose for pictures. and it's just across the street from Meiji jingu park/shrine, one of the otherwise most peaceful places inside the Yamanote line.

what a strange life.

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