Friday, March 24, 2006

that's a high ass bird

so I found this on Wikipedia and decided to further illustrate.

inside the yellow line are the 23 wards that make up Tokyo. There is also the Tama area of Tokyo, which people who don't live in Japan count as Tokyo. but we don't. in fact, The Boy, when he's feeling snobbish says that only the people living within the Yamanote Line (the redish/orangish line) "count." however, that's less only around 300,000. so I'm calling his BS.

Population stats:
in the 23 wards: 8.4 million at night and 11 million during the day
this works out to (at night, when the comuters have gone home) still 13.4 people per square meter. that's right. we're all very cozy.

according to Wikipedia, in Tokyo + Tama area (a total of 12.5 million or so)
* Foreign residents: 353,826 (as of Jan. 1, 2005)
* Top 5 Nationalities of Foreign Residents: Chinese (120,331), Korean (103,191), Philippine (31,505), American (18,043), British (7,585)

the Greater Tokyo conurbation, according to wikipedia is 25 million.
accordign to the Metropolis, the English hot entertainment free magazine
there are 34 some million in the greater Tokyo Megalopolis.

either way, we got New York, Paris, Hong Kong, even Mexico City (second) hands down beat.

it just streches on and on and on...

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inkandpen said...

It makes me feel squeemy inside. All those people... I just took a nice long walk around our little plot of land, and didn't have to see a single soul! So pleasant. :)