Saturday, February 11, 2006

for my lonliest friends:

New creepiest email from stranger WINNER:

Subject: hello dear

Message: Hello how are u.. Iam male . My name is
Mehrullahkhan .. I wanna real friendship with u..
accept my friendship dont ignore me plz . and
reply me soon as soon possible.. i well waiting for
u ..
.. my Yahoo is
Tell me ur
yahoo id ? then i add to u ..
i have webcam.. u tell me u have webcam?
take care bye now .. iam on line this time ..


and this isn't even from one of the dating sites. this is from "Friendster."
even if it wasn't kinda creepy and pathetic certain abreviations lead to immediate disqualification. like "you are" or "your" to 'ur' Certain locations, such as Pakastan, also lead to immediate disqualification. I'd link his pic just because it's funny, but I feel that's just too mean.

and the online adventures continue...


inkandpen said...

I like "Iam male ." Makes me giggle. Not sure why, besides reading gender studies stuff all morning.


Dan said...

HA HA. Thats fucking round.

Cory P said...

Wow... I just checked out his friendster page... yeah. Uh... yeah.