Monday, January 09, 2006

theme song

The pictures are copied from the la puta site. I think they are the beautiful work of our talented Kat. Thanks Kat! sorry for stealing...
(for my family: left to right- Olivia, Tara/Mavelle, Michael/The Bard, me, Krys/Serena)

It's been a year of upheavals and big decisions and saying lot of goodbyes. there are a few songs that float through my brain as I try and figure out where home is and what I'm doing with my life. One, that I fell in love with this summer on my final SCA galavant, is Ramblin' Rover. There are lots of versions out there and I'm trying to find a good one but none compares with the way it is in my memory, with a chorus of friends and firelight and cloaks and good beer. plus I think Michael the Bard does a way better version than Silly Wizards or any of the other recordings I've found. does anyone have a good recorded version?

here's the words for those who don't know:

Oh, there're sober men in plenty,
And drunkards barely twenty,
There are men of over ninety
That have never yet kissed a girl.
But gie me a ramblin' rover,
And fae Orkney down to Dover.
We will roam the country over
And together we'll face the world.

There's many that feign enjoyment
From merciless employment,
Their ambition was this deployment
From the minute they left the school.
And they save and scrape and ponder
While the rest go out and squander,
See the world and rove and wander
And are happier as a rule.

I've roamed through all the nations
Ta'en delight in all creation,
And I've tried a wee sensation
Where the company, did prove kind.
And when partin' was no pleasure,
I've drunk another measure
To the good friends that were treasure
For they always are in our minds.

If you're bent wi' arth-i-ritis,
Your bowels have got colitis,
You've gallopin' with bollockitis
And you're thinkin' it's time you died,
If you been a man of action,
Though you're lying there in traction,
You will get some satisfaction
Thinkin', "Jesus, at least I tried."

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jim said...

What a difficult year and how brave you are to face it with eyes wide open. I know from many of my colleagues who have taught abroad that the question of home does arise often. Some are comfomfortable with many homes, some need one. I didn't find home until after a long time of inner struggles. Home was when, finally, my head, my heart and my soul were lined up, which was impossible while I was drinking. It took me a long time to even ask where was home because I was in so much pain. But slowly and with so much effort, I am finding home. It's a good question. jim