Monday, January 16, 2006

Tango in Tokyo

yes! I went! and it was cool and the people were really good. I have never been to a milonga (dance) where EVERY- BODY was of such high calibar. everybody looked like they had been doing it for at least 2 years. technique was very good but musicality was not at the same level. still good, but not compared to the crazy footwork and moves.

I'm definitely going back too. not as bad to get there as I feared either. Kind of an unassuming building but they propped this little sign outside. and POOF! there was a tango scene.

there are classes almost every night of the week! amazing. I'm totally psyched.


jim said...


inkandpen said...

Very awesome. I'm glad you went, and I'm really glad to hear it was good!

Kiki said...

You are a Japanese Argentine salsa driven sensation. What a great discovery. How cool is that to be dancing the tango in Tokyo?
You've challenged me to do the familiar here at home in new ways: my latest, I'm turning left instead of right on my walks, and I'm thinking about taking a bath instead of a shower. OK, it's lame, but I'm just getting started.

Murray said...

Sounds like great fun! Are there pictures? It looks like there might be, but they aren't showing up. =(