Wednesday, October 26, 2005

today's post brought to you by Bokonon

Bokonon, the religious leader in Vonnegut's "Cat's Cradle" says we should whisper

busy, busy, busy

when we are struck by the unpredictable and complicated machinery of life. I had a startling small world moment today and was inspired to whisper to myself, "busy busy busy."

so I take the train into work. each train is usually 10-15 cars long and a new one comes every ten minutes or sooner. the ones into Tokyo are really busy so probably 30-50 people per car. so even if I have the same commute, I don't really recognize anyone day after day because there are just so many freakin people in this city. over 5 million people commute everyday in Tokyo, most by trains and subways.

despite the staggering odds, two stops after I got on, three stops more before Tokyo station, my friend and bossman-M get on right in front of me. he claimed he was on that particular train because he messed some previous connection. he wasn't even supposed to be there. so we chatted a little and then caught out separate trains at Tokyo station. but kinda weird small world thing. it was nice to see a familiar face. one that is promising to help bail me out of my heavy teaching load. one who really was a call away when, two weeks ago, I got a little too stressed and started crying at school.

it was a 'busy, busy, busy' moment. and a welcome one.


mum said...

serendipity. that's maybe what had you two on the same busy train. or the great wheel turning. or pure chance. OWO!
when you get on the train, how many non japanese are there? do you stand all the way or are there seats available? is there rush traffic at 7 and 6 that you are avoiding by having a different aschedule or is it all busy busy?
love mum

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