Monday, October 24, 2005

one, two, three, check

Thank you Meimi and Bapa for you birthday wishes, card, and present!!! You are so sweet and wonderful! Just for that I will attempt to talk to the post office people again (last time they told me not to come back unless I brought a friend that spoke some Japanese) so I can send you a card. And thank you for calling me Kori. It makes me feel like you love me as an adult, too.

however.... I think it is extremely unlikely that I'll be able to cash your check.

and this is a warning to anyone else considering sending me a check. 1) Japan does not use checks. they simply don't exsist here. either you get paid in cash or the money goes right into your bank account. all bills are either deducted from your bank account or have a bar code on them. you take the bill to a quickymart, they scan it and you pay them. people at the bank probably wouldn't know what to do with a check.
2) so I googled cashing a check in Japan and it may be possible if I go to Disneyland with a passport. ... but the check is to Kori and not Corinna (on my passport) so that' also unlikely.

so, what to do? here are some ideas:
1) give certificate to iTunes (they have books on 'tape' and all sorts of stuff that I want)
2) gift certificate to
3) deposit in my US Bank account, I can withdraw it here or use it to buy stuff online (please don't put anything in the little Bellingham bank, I won't be able to get it out)

sorry for all the confusion. Figured it would be best to post all this, rather than write it down and send it slowly. hope that's ok...

Love you all.

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mum said...

good morning kori
i too sent a little package with a check in it. instead i will deposit the amount in your US bank account in the next day or so. then you must get your yen out of a atm type machine, no?
we don't have the tamarack here turning yellow-golden-burnt orange as the trees shown in idaho when you were born. it would feel good to see those trees again, gold needles on the forest floor. the season when you build up the wood pile, store in the hay and check the anti freeze. love, mum