Thursday, September 29, 2005

September is the month in which:

In which my adventures lead me to a live Japanese rap/hip hop club, long drunken nights of karaoke, and an odd friendship with strange British guy I met at the grocery store.

In which I get tired of taking pictures and sometimes just write stories instead.

In which I miss the last train home and spend the night in an internet cafe making revelations about my past life.

In which I brainstorm ways to travel the world without exquisite talent or financial backing.

In which I visit Akihabara, a electronic/fuzzy wet dream (for some).

In which I wax philosiphic about being 24 and make an elaborate checklist of whether or not someone rates a second date/return phone call.

In which Paul Simon, Dar Williams, and Billy Idol become critical to my twice a week commute.

In which I am unable to figure out how do properly do my laundry and force a discussion about feminism on my students.

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