Friday, September 16, 2005

Christmas plans

so, I'm thinking of not coming home for Xmas

1)flights are expensive and hard to book
2)I can't get many days off so the expense seems rather large
3)with only a week off or so, I don't want to spend over half of that jet lagged
4)I have friends here and wouldn't be too lonley
5) maybe I'll go back to Beppu to see friends there?
6)or travel around Japan
7) or spend $2000 on something other than a really long flight that will leave me realing with jet lag..
8) unless someone wants to meet me in another Asian country for Xmas (I think Singapore or Thailand would be fun)
9) a relaxing break would be nice
10) or I might be able to make extra cash freelancing


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i agree with all your reasons not to fly the pacific for xmas. but i (we) would miss you MUCHO and being able to ask all our small medium huge quesions of your new life there, see your face, give big hugs. it's definiety better to relax than have jet lagged and semi hurried time for that week. come back whenever you can or want/need to. i love you always. mum