Sunday, August 14, 2005

Pertinent information

[edit: pertinent information is no longer accurate and I'm scared of stalkers, so it's been removed. sorry]

After 100 pages or workbooks and four days of training up in Vancouver BC, I'm now qualified to teach English Conversation at on of the most expensive schools in Japan!!! Wooo hooo!!!!

I arrive on the 18th of August. The adventure begins.

Here are some much awaited addresses:

my apartment:
Kori Beyer
Shinkoiwa Katsushika-ku
Tokyo, Japan

my school:
Kori Beyer

Kaihin Makuhari

Chiba 261-0023

or my other school:
Kori Beyer,
Shinonome Shopping Center 2F


I'll keep you posted on the best place to send any packages. probably to my Chiba school, but I'm not sure

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mum said...

you are such a bright light these days taking on the curves in the road with stamina, curiosity and faith. i already miss you.