Tuesday, August 30, 2005

past bed time

but a good day, for sure.

all on my own in KM. first private lesson... somewhat of a mess because the person I prepared for didn't show but someone else did. so I talked to her, instead.

kids running around like banshees. what is it? ba ba ba banshee!!!!!!

went out after work and got a big fat burger..... tastes so good but sits so heavy in the stomach. but it's good to go out with the teachers and manager. I really like them all and they are really helping me out.

explaing paperwork, and my mail, and the rules, and sheltering me from interviews with prospective students, and helping me call or fax the other school or head office... ect ect ect

it's a warm fuzzy feeling

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Anonymous said...

so glad they told the truth when they said you'd have support from other teachers and managers. wow, here, we try hard to keep employees from fraternizing with management. different social classes, you know.

sounds like you're going with the flow, gettin' along, rolling with the bunches. proud of you, hon.
love, mum