Saturday, August 20, 2005

apt pics and address correction

The welcome mat that greated me...

I live in "Leo Palace" (though 'leo place' may be more accruate) and my apartment is #205 NOT 202.
Also, if you wanted to send me a package you can send it to my Chiba school but keep in mind I have a 30 minute train ride home with 2 or 3 transfers, so please don't send any large animals, cactuses, or anything really hard to carry. (my other school (Shinonome School in Tokyo) is an hour train ride with 3-5 transfers...)

more updates on life soon. here are some pics of my 'Palace'
***my kitchen (the size of a medium sized American closet--one burner, no oven, tiny fridge that I haven't gotten to work yet...)
***my main living /sleeping /dining /studying /working room. I also have a loft but it is too hot to spend much time in right now.

and I have air conditioning!!! thank god! I didn't get home till after 1am last night (story to come) and it was probably still 80 F and 80+% humidity.

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